O.C. Starz Teams to Hold Combined Tryout in Sept.-Oct.

Saddleback Starz

Adrenaline Starz has announced a combined tryout for its three Orange County teams — regional team OC Kings and local teams OC Crush and Saddleback Starz. The tryout will be held at Tustin Sports Park and will occur on six consecutive Sundays in September and October.

The six tryout dates will be “training sessions” with coaching from Crush coach Jon Fox, Saddleback coach Brendan Finnerty, Adrenaline OC Regional Manager Adam Guy, 2013 NESCAC Player of the Year Ian Deveau, and LXM PRO athletes Xander Ritz, Max Ritz and Whit McCarthy. Throughout the training sessions, players will be evaluated and placed on either a regional or local team. Only middle school and high school players are eligible to tryout.

Registration for the OC Starz tryouts must be completed before Sept. 13. To register, see the tryout event page on the Adrenaline website.