LA Box Lacrosse Playoffs Set to Begin

LA Box Lacrosse

We caught up with Chris Jewett, director of Leverage Lacrosse and first-year head coach at Los Alamitos High School, to talk about the LA Box Lacrosse League and its upcoming playoffs.

Here’s what Coach Jewett had to say about the third season of LA Box Lacrosse:

The LA Box Lacrosse League is going great! We are playing real Canadian Box Lacrosse, and it’s amazing to see how much better the boys at all the levels are getting! It’s so much fun to play this style of box and just as much fun to watch, as we have been getting good size crowds every Saturday night. So many parents, coaches and players have commented on the players’ skill set dramatically improving in such a short amount of time.

We have teams from 5th grade to High School. HS has two divisions, JV and Varsity and both Cubs JV & Varsity teams are undefeated.  In the 7th-8th Middle School division, the Legion team made up of mostly West LA boys is undefeated and looking very strong.

The High School division semifinals are this Saturday, Oct. 19, and championship games for all divisions are Sunday, Oct. 27. Championship teams will play the winners from San Diego for the SoCal Box Championship on Nov. 2 at the Rinks in Huntington Beach.