Impressive Turnout in Cerritos for Weekend Battle of L.A. Tournament

Battle of L.A.
Silverfin vs. Pasadena Tribe, U-13 Warrior Division

I had a chance to check out the Adrenaline Battle of Los Angeles tournament in Cerritos over the weekend and was struck by the number of clubs that had entered teams, the number of teams some of those clubs had entered, and the distance some of them had traveled.

A quick count of the schedule page on the tournament web site shows 34 teams representing 16 local clubs from as far away as Santa Barbara and south Orange County. There were six divisions in four age groups (U-9, U-11, U-13 and U-15), and 10 of those 16 clubs had more than one team entered. Two clubs — OC Crush and Seneca, from L.A.’s west side — had four teams entered, and one — Saddleback Starz, from Orange County — had five.

At an average of, what, 18 players per roster? 20, maybe? That’s between 600 and 700 lacrosse players for a small, somewhat out-of-the-way tournament. The Cerritos Sports Complex venue wasn’t ideal — fields were rough, parking was a nightmare, etc. — but it worked, and I guess that’s the point — this sport is reaching the point where teams (and parents) will travel a long way to a less-than-ideal venue and pack it full.

That’s growing the game, which is the bigger point. One thing missing: Results. It would be great for organizers to figure out how to post scores and updated schedules, if not during the tournament, then at least afterward.

Here are some photos from the event: