Misty Morning Lax

How Lacrosse Has Taken Over My SoCal Life

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Welcome to first post ever on Southland Lax.  While there’s only a month or so left in the high school season, lacrosse in the greater Los Angeles area doesn’t stop there.  After a brief break in May, the club season picks up, with Starz Cup play, the LA Lacrosse League, the brand-new Southern California Independent Lacrosse League, assorted tournaments and more.  I can’t promise to get to all of it, but I’ll gladly try. Call it a quest.

Misty Morning Lax

Southern California isn't all sunshine and beaches, at least not in the early morning. But it does provide an ideal climate for year-round lax.

Southland Lax is run by me — Jim Loftus (@jlofty). I’ve been a digital sports journalist for a long time (don’t ask how long) and have become a pretty obsessive lax fan over the last few years.  I was something of a football specialist during my time with, which led to a stint running the newsroom at, but more recently I’ve been turning my penchant for film study and game analysis to the L.A. lax scene.

While I never played or coached lacrosse, my obsessive (there’s that word again) postgame stats and scouting breakdowns prompted my son’s high-school coach — a former D-I player with two NCAA championship rings — to write in an email, “It’s funny to read your stats and see you pinpoint the stuff we are working on with the team, and at present not working on. You’re pretty much dead on.” I consider that a high compliment.

I have two sons who play, one in high school and one just taking up the crosse in middle school, and I am easily distracted from all other responsibilities when the opportunity to watch or talk lax arises.  Just ask my boss.  Or my wife.  In looking for an outlet beyond my Twitter feed or bending the ears of other lax parents around my sons’ teams, I stumbled upon a “Start your own lacrosse blog!” link on I had been reading the site for a while and watching it grow, and a few emails later, the LAS powers that be were willing to give me a shot.

Hopefully, Southland Lax will provide an opportunity for me to keep the L.A. lax conversation going.  The sport is growing exponentially here, and we’ll try to help Grow The Game in true fashion by highlighting the players, coaches, teams and clubs that are spreading the good word all over the L.A. area.

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