Hollywood Lacrosse men’s club announces fall ball tryouts

Hollywood Lacrosse Club

Saw a note the other day that the Hollywood men’s lacrosse club is holding tryouts for its fall and winter teams.

Hollywood Lacrosse Club

Hollywood went 3-7 last spring in the SCLAX men’s league. In the fall, according to the release, Hollywood will compete against other post-collegiate clubs, as well as collegiate clubs such as UCLA, USC and Loyola Marymount.

If you’re interested in trying out, contact the club here. And if you have thoughts of coaching high school lacrosse in the area, this would be a good group to get to know — the roster lists current L.A.-area head coaches Tarik Ergin (Oak Park), Michael Delabar (Viewpoint, formerly of Loyola), Mike D’Andraia (Thousand Oaks, former Agoura assistant), Brock Livingston (Crespi) and Patrick Smith (formerly of Oaks Christian). Chaminade defensive coordinate Steve Lane also is listed on the roster. (Any coaches I missed? Don’t want to shortchange anyone.)

We’ll try to follow up with more details on fall ball for both collegiate and post-collegiate clubs as we get closer. If anyone has news related to fall ball, let us know: @southlandlax or facebook.com/southlandlax

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