Greg Guy on life in the post-grad SoCal men’s lacrosse league

Greg Guy, Newport
Greg Guy coaches at El Toro HS and plays for the Newport Beach club in the SCLAX.

The SCLAX is heading into its final regular-season weekend, and the Newport Beach Lacrosse Club sits in second place in the northern division, with a playoff berth clearly in sight. Newport closes out its regular season at home Sunday vs. Babe City at 11 a.m.

Southland Lax reached out to current Newport player — and former Northwood/Irvine and current El Toro/Lake Forest coach — Greg Guy for a little insight on life in the post-grad men’s league.

Greg Guy, Newport
Greg Guy coaches at El Toro HS and plays for the Newport Beach club in the SCLAX.

(Photo by Sean Sydnor, courtesy of NBLC)

What’s it like playing in a post-collegiate league?

Playing lacrosse at the post-collegiate level has been such a great experience. It’s weird to think that I’ve been playing with the Newport Beach Lacrosse Club as long as I played in college — actually longer now, I think it’s been six years — and it’s a ton of fun.

What’s the level of competition in the league?

As far as competition is concerned, it’s kind of different depending on the team. I know a lot of our guys take themselves seriously — maybe more seriously than they should — but other guys are just looking for a team full of good guys to hang out with. Personally, I just like trying my best. I’ve always been really competitive, so this is the perfect outlet for me.

How has your season gone so far?

We have had a pretty good year so far, with an overal record of 6-3 and one game left. We lost to Beverly Hills twice, once by a goal and once by a couple goals. We also lost to Hollywood, but beat them once as well.

What are you looking forward to as the season winds down and you start getting into playoffs?

We are hoping to make playoffs, but right now I think we are looking OK. We should probably be a 2-seed going into playoffs, which means we will probably play either Hollywood or South Bay (not sure which yet) in the first round. From there, it’s kind of anyone’s guess. We have the ability to do well, and when everything is clicking for us we are actually a pretty good squad — and definitely having a blast.

Thanks for checking in Coach Guy!


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      The SCLAX has 12 teams listed on their website ( with links to each team’s own sites, league schedule, and more info.  Also check out a full look into the league and its coming playoffs in our previous article at  Hope this helps!

      – Kevin Rowen, Southland Lax