Box lacrosse, latest offseason sensation, is sweeping Southern California

West Coast Lacrosse

Box lacrosse is catching on quickly in Southern California, and with the summer season wrapping up, clubs are quickly moving on to the indoor game to keep kids playing, learning and developing. I’ve received emails from three clubs in the last few weeks announcing registration for fall box teams or leagues, and a quick web search turned up a couple of other clubs putting together teams. The rush is on.

Last December, we wrote about the rapid influx of box lacrosse players onto NCAA rosters. Denver coach Bill Tierney had this to say about the phenomenon:

In the college game now, there are 350 young men from Canada playing in the United States in college lacrosse, and the reason for that is they play a game, box lacrosse, that’s better suited for skill development, and then they learn the field game when they get here, and they surpass everybody in a lot of cases. The most important thing with their skill development is not playing field lacrosse on a 110-yard field when you’re 5-foot-2 and you got a six-foot stick.

At the forefront of the box-lacrosse movement has been the Southern California Indoor Lacrosse League — or SCILL — is comprised of clubs from Ventura to Riverside to Orange counties, with some even in San Diego County. They play a two-month fall season, then compete in the California Cup tournament.

Coach Glen Miles of reigning U.S. Lacrosse Southern Section champion St. Margaret’s Episcopal also is a strong advocate for the box game. His Victory Lacrosse club announced on Twitter on Wednesday that it will begin taking registration for fall box next week.

Here are other clubs I’m aware of that are currently taking registrations for box lacrosse:

West Coast Lacrosse: Justin Eaton founded West Coast Lacrosse and co-founded the SCILL. He is a vocal advocate for the value of box lacrosse in skill development in young players. West Coast operates fall box leagues in Ventura and Orange counties, with teams in U-11, U-13, U-15 and two high school divisions. Registration closes Aug. 23, and the season runs from mid-September through the California Cup box tournament Oct. 26-27.

Silverfin: Silverfin is taking registrations now for teams in four age groups — U-9, U-11, U-13 and U-15 — playing at the DMS11 Training Facility in Westlake Village. Silverfin will kick off the season with a box clinic Sept. 8. Registration closes Aug. 31, and the season runs through October.

Adrenaline: Adrenaline also will have two Southland leagues, one in Los Angeles at the El Segundo Roller Rink and one in Orange County at Foothill Community Park in Lake Forest and also will compete in U-11, U-13, U-15 and two high school divisions. Both locations get under way in late August or early September and run through mid-October.

Mariner Lacrosse: Signups for this South Bay box program, which will play at the Wilson Park Rink in Torrance, end Sept. 18. The Mariner program is run by Aaron Karsh, head lacrosse coach at Marymount College in Palos Verdes, lacrosse director at Chadwick MS and assistant head coach at Chadwick HS.

Santa Monica Vikings: Looks like the successful Santa Monica club will be playing box this fall in the Torrance program.

I’m sure there are plenty of other indoor lacrosse programs springing up. Ask around, and get in the box.


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