3d-Leverage Box Camp A Success

Lax Insight box clinic
Photo courtesy Lax Insight

Last weekend, 3d Lacrosse and Leverage Lacrosse hosted the 2nd Annual SoCal Box Immersion Camp at The Rinks in Huntington Beach. I was able to check out the second day of the camp, and it seemed to be a great success.

Coach Chris Jewett
Chris Jewett of Leverage Lacrosse and Mira Costa HS, provided hands-on instruction.

As I arrived, the youth players were starting to head out and all seemed to have had a great time. The high school campers already had begun warming up, playing wall ball against the side of the rink. Led by 3d’s David Jenkins and Sean Allen, as well as Leverage’s Chris Jewett, the coaching staff led the boys through two and half hours of drills. The first 30 minutes were dedicated to stick work, with tons of partner passing up and down the rink, as well as three-man weave drills.

Lax Insight box clinic
Photo courtesy Lax Insight

Jenkins said there is “no better training [than box]. When you’re a U9 kid first picking up a stick and miss the first pass, [it’s demoralizing] to have to chase after the ball over and over again. You save a half hour of practice time, because [in the box] the ball doesn’t roll away.”

Salt Shakerz Box Camp
One of the camp coaches rocking Salt Shakerz gear … Lax Often!

The camp progressed into shooting drills which heavily incorporated pick-and-rolls. Later drills included half-court, 4-on-4 and full-court 3-on-2 with a trailing defenseman. All drills emphasized quick ball movement, and 10-second counts were often called by the coaching staff.

Box Lacrosse Shooting Drill
Shooting in the box can tremendously help your accuracy in the field game.

The day ended with a scrimmage that continued the focus on fast-paced play by including a rule that led to turnovers if there was too much standing around or slow ball movement.

“I train kids in the box the exact same way I train them on the field,” Jenkins noted. “Everything’s just [faster] and in a tighter space.”

Our friends at Lax Insight were on hand to take some pictures of the camp. Be sure to check the photos out here!

Leverage Lacrosse is continuing its box lacrosse training with the LA Box Lacrosse League starting next weekend in Torrance. Check back in at Southland in the next couple of days to hear more about the league!